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2018-19 Mixed Quartet and Mixed Chorus Competitions & Evaluations

Numerous BHS Districts/Divisions and Harmony, Inc. Areas are hosting opportunities for Mixed Quartets and Mixed Choruses to compete for District/Area Trophies and Evaluation.

NOTE:  Quartets & Choruses may compete in ANY District/Division/Area contest.  There are no North American geographic borders for competition (ie:  you do not have to claim a “District” or “Area” as your home location)

Please follow this link:  2018 Contests & Evaluations to see the Convention information for each BHS District/Division and Harmony, Inc. Area that has provided details for the above mentioned opportunities.  If you have information on a District/Division/Area that is welcoming Mixed Quartets or Mixed Choruses to their convention/contest in 2019, please contact: and we will be happy to update the list.

Many BHS Districts and HI Areas are holding Mixed quartet and chorus contests in 2018-2019. If you are interested in seeing the results of these various contests simply click on 2019 Mixed Quartet and Chorus Results to see the scores from all contests.

If you haven’t already done so, get your MBHA registrations in. Click here to register individuals, quartets & choruses:

MBHA Contest Guidelines

Here are the current contest guidelines for mixed barbershop ensembles.


2020 BinG! World Mixed Quartet & Chorus Contests

MBHA is recognized by BinG! to nominate Quartets and Choruses for the World Mixed Quartet and the World Mixed Chorus Contests, hosted by BinG!. Many BHS Districts and Harmony, Inc. Areas will hold MBHA sanctioned Mixed Quartet Contests and Mixed Chorus Contests in 2019 for BinG! qualification.   MBHA will review the scores from these contests and nominate Canadian and United States Quartets and Choruses to BinG! for invitation to the next World Mixed Contest in March/April 2020 in Germany.

More information to follow in late 2018.

For mixed quartets and choruses interested in qualifying for the World Mixed Contests in Germany, please contact the closest Area or District to you for information regarding entering their contests.  To enter the mixed contest, singers must all be individual members of MBHA and the quartet must also be registered with MBHA.

Here are the Area and District contacts to notify of your interest in entering an MBHA-sanctioned Mixed quartet contest for selection for recommendation to BinG! for the 2020 World Mixed Quartet Contest.

Harmony, Inc.

Area 1
Area 3
Area 4
Area 6

Barbershop Harmony Society

Cardinal District
Carolinas District
Central States District
Dixie District
Evergreen District
Far Western
Illinois District
Johnny Appleseed District
Land O’Lakes District
Mid-Atlantic District
Northeastern District
Ontario District
Pioneer District
Rocky Mountain District
Senecaland District
Southwestern District
Sunshine District