Congratulations to Vintage Mix  for winning the Land O’Lakes District MBHA Mixed Quartet Trophy, generously sponsored by Connie and Doug Miller.  This quartet, consisting of the 17-year-old Shoppach quadruplets, just returned last month after finishing second at the World Mixed Quartet Contest in Munich Germany and won this District contest with a score of  78.8!

Two other non-MBHA quartets, Lipstick and Levi’s and Achilles Thiel finished second and third in the competition, held as part of the Land O’ Lakes District Spring Convention and Contests.

Sheryl Berlin

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We KNOW you’re in Salt Lake City……we KNOW you are in contest mode…….BUT don’t forget this amazing event on Friday night.  10 pm, Hilton Grand Ballroom.  

Today we are highlighting one of the quartets you will see when you join us on Friday night for the MBHA Showcase and Open Mic Night.  Let’s hear it for SOUTHERN STRIDE, your current Southwestern District Mixed Quartet Champs!  Make it a point to hear Southern Stride on Friday night!  #bhsslc

COME ONE, COME ALL!! Mixed Barbershop is in the house in Salt Lake City! The Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association is hosting a SHOWCASE AND OPEN MIC NIGHT for any mixed ensemble that wants to strut their stuff! Find us in the Hilton Grand Ballroom on Friday, July 5 starting at 10 pm. Admission is FREE! […]